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The Sky Road


When Dad leaves home forever, Ralf doesn’t understand. Worse, no one will answer his questions. But then he discovers The Sky Road and the mysterious Blue Goose Bill.

Ralf follows Bill into a world where all answers exist, as long as you know which questions to ask. Along the way Ralf learns that things don’t always make sense, and we don’t always get the answers we wish for.

What readers are saying about The Sky Road

I loved this short, beautifully written story. It made me laugh, smile and, in the end, left me filled with hope and a great warm feeling. Highly recommend this, for kids or adults!

-Amazon reader

Just finished reading this with my daughter and we both loved it!
The illustrations are simple yet amazing, and the story is really enthralling. Looking forward to his next book.

-John Burke

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Upcoming: Ra-Ra and Welish (2016, currently at the beginning of the editing cycle.)